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Keep Your Sorter Running

Your sorter is the single most complicated piece of technology in your warehouse or distribution center. It runs non-stop while your facility is in operation, touches every single order processed by your team, and performs advanced functions such as automatically optimizing gap to ensure that your system runs smoothly.

Because sorters have so many moving parts and face such high demand from your operation, things will occasionally go wrong, as with any piece of sophisticated technology. Unfortunately, when trouble strikes your sorter, your entire operation can grind to a halt, costing you time, orders, and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.  

To keep your sorter in tip-top shape and identify issues before they become full-blown operations-halting catastrophes, we recommend that you regularly audit your system. 

Schedule a sorter audit today to:

Catch minor issues (requiring minor repairs) now so you can avoid catastrophic issues (requiring major repairs) later.
Conveyco Warehouse Automation
Update your sorter to handle the products and orders you handle today, instead of the products and orders you built it to handle 10 or more years ago.
Conveyco Warehouse Organization
Make sure your system is tuned and ready for the holiday peak.
Conveyco Industry KPIs
Order spare parts that your system will eventually need replaced so that you don't get stuck waiting for a delivery when you really need them.

Components Reviewed During Sorter Audit

  • Condition of chain stretch, skew, and tension
  • Carrier tubes and pusher shoes
  • Guide alignment
  • UHMW and novex wear
  • Noise levels
  • Drivetrain
  • Chain guide and pin guide wear
  • Overall condition of switch components and alignment
  • Sprocket wear
  • Air pressure (if applicable)

Matt Rothwell

“Conveyco has always been a strong and reliable source for the parts my facility needs to stay running. Their knowledge, work ethic, morals, prices, and ability to meet tight deadlines is second to none. They are a partner you can count on for any project you might encounter in the field."
Rite Aid

Douglas McQuade

Rite Aid
“Conveyco had our back when our system went down. Their owner drove a critical part out to our DC during a snowstorm to get us back up and running. We made the right decision with Conveyco as our partner."

Bob Mouchantat

MBI, Inc.
“The 'roll up your sleeves' personality of the Conveyco team results in a partnership rather than a service provider/buyer relationship. Conveyco takes the approach of learning current practices, understanding our objectives, and then working together with us to develop alternative solutions."

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