Are AMRs Right for Your Operation?

Download this free guide to learn more about how Conveyco’s Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Proof of Concept Program (POC) Can Help You Evaluate AMRs for Your Operations.

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Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) can be leveraged in a range of applications, from sortation and replenishment to order picking, consolidation, and more. Embracing the technology can help your operation reduce labor costs, streamline workflows, and become more productive and profitable.

But are AMRs the right fit for your operation?

Conveyco’s Proof of Concept Program for AMRs allows organizations the ability to conceptualize, emulate, and validate how an AMR system would perform in their operation prior to fully committing to the entire system. 

By downloading this PDF, you’ll learn about:

  • The various warehouse applications AMRs can be leveraged in
  • Conveyco’s RightFIT methodology towards evaluating solutions for your operation
  • Details about Conveyco’s AMR Proof of Concept Program
  • Frequently asked questions regarding investment and cost

Download our fact sheet today to understand how our AMR POC program can help you understand your potential for return on investment and justify (or rule out) AMRs for your operation.